Cloud serivces

how can cloud help your business

Cloud technologies can improve your business and transform processes and ways of working.

Our experts advise you on the right product and also migrate and provide expert support going forwards.

If you are unsure how cloud technologies can benefit your business then let one of our experts perform a Technology Business Report survey and we will highlight any areas where cloud technologies can help.

New to cloud

If you are new to the cloud concept, then allow our experts to explain the advantages to you in a way that you can understand. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between "tech" speak and understandable language.

We also offer comprehensive onboarding documentation to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our skilled team have vast experience setting up and managing a variety of cloud solutions for businesses.

Whether you want to fully migrate all of your business to a public cloud service or want to start utilising some of their benefits into your business we can help.

We have experience implementing Google Workspace (Formally G Suite) and Office 365 in either a full cloud or hybrid environment.
We are also able to provide other hosted services utilising Azure or Amazon Web Services as well as offering IaaS & PaaS. We can also provide dedicated servers or rack space rental in partnership with our trusted UK based provider.

already use the cloud

If you already use the cloud but need ongoing support or assistance then we can help.

Without an IT strategy, you will have harder to plan budgets, no future-proofing on investments, complicated purchase processes and you will have equipment that will be very old while still in service.

Our experts can devise a clear plan tailored for your school ensuring that all of the previous headaches can be relieved.

Our strategies establish clear landmarks that make planning budgets is much easier and costs more evenly spread over multiple years.

An issue many businesses face is having a year that sees an influx in impulse investment that wasn’t planned for. With our clear roadmaps, things are addressed systematically in priority order meaning no large financial surprises.

take your business to the next step

With the successful implementation of cloud services such as Office 365, we can take your business to the next level.

Cloud technologies open up a world of collaboration and productivity enhancements previously never seen before on traditional platforms. Don't be stuck in the dark, let us shine the torch for you.

advanteages of the cloud

Our experts can leverage cloud technology to transform the way your business uses its IT systems.

Maintaining IT infrastructure in business is a time consuming, costly and skilled job. We can offer cloud solutions that mean there is no traditional “server under the desk” hardware onsite.

We provide innovative solutions that transform the way businesses interact with technology.

We can remove the need for onsite servers and migrate software and services to cloud providers to provide a more reliable and flexible service.

Migrating to cloud services saves money on energy and maintenance as well as enabling remote working for staff.

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