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Many of our team have spent the majority of their careers working in school IT departments. This uniquely qualifies us to be able to guide your school through the technological struggles that are common in education. We have also developed skills from our diverse experiences that allow us to effectively identify issues, recommend solutions and improve outcomes.

cloud technology in your school

Whether you use cloud technology or not we can help!

Our skilled team have first hand experience migrating schools to the cloud. Our team have undertaken Microsoft training and have achieved Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator certificates.

Whether you want to fully migrate all of your school to a cloud service or want to start incorporating their benefits into your school we can help.

We have experience implementing Gsuite and Office 365 for secondary and primary schools.

We are also able to provide other hosted services utilising Azure or Amazon Web Services as well as offering IaaS & PaaS. We can also provide dedicated servers or rack space rental in partnership our trusted UK based provider.

IT STRATEGY in your school

Does your school have an effective IT strategy? If not we can help. See the benetis of having one below.

Without an IT strategy you will not be able to effectively plan budgets, ensure you are future proof you will have equipment that will vary in performance and age.

Our experts can devise a clear plan tailored for your school ensuring that all of the previous headaches can be relieved.

Our strategies and reports establish clear landmarks that make planning budgets is much easier and costs more evenly spread over multiple years.

An issue many schools face is having a year that sees an influx in impulse investment that wasn’t planned for. This is due to improper planning in previous years. This can be eliminated with our clear roadmaps to ensure everything is addressed systematically in priority order.

keep costs under control

With our managed service agreements, we are able to fully manage your schools IT systems. 

With our managed service agreements we are able to regularly maintain and improve your IT systems. 

All of your staff will get direct access to our IT helpdesk where they can log issues and requests to be dealt with by our trained team. 

Our helpdesk is integrated into your own email system or customised school portal. Your staff will feel as if they are speaking with an internal school technician 

The average school technician wage in the UK is £22,500. Our managed service gives the same benefits but with enhanced flexibility and skills for much less than hiring your own technicians.

With our managed service, you do not need to worry about sick pay, holiday pay, holiday cover, pension contributions and any other HR headaches.


migrate to the cloud

Our experts can leverage cloud technology to transform the way your school uses its IT systems.

Maintaining IT infrastructure in schools is a time consuming, costly and skilled job. We can offer cloud solutions that mean there is no traditional “server under the desk” hardware onsite. 

We are able to provide innovative solutions that transform the way schools interact with technology.

We can remove the need for onsite servers and migrate all of the software and services to cloud providers. 

Migrating to cloud services saves money on energy and maintenance as well as enabling remote working for staff and students alike.

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