IT managed services

what is a managed service

Managed services are the practice of outsourcing responsibility for managing and maintaining your IT services to improve operations and cut expenses.

Typically an in-house IT team of 2 technicians and 1 manager could easily cost £85k per year in salaries alone. Our managed service customers save on average between 50% and 70% of their IT staffing cost depending on the organisation and level of service desired.

advantages of using a managed service

Many establishments find themselves needing access to high quality IT support but either can't find skilled personnel within their budget or just don't require someone full time.

Our managed service offers the best of both worlds. You retain the cost savings without compromising on having a skilled team ready to spring into action when needed.

Our philosophy is to take a proactive approach. We do this by continually monitoring and reporting on your infrastructure to allow us to identify issues before they develop into crippling disasters.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can't foresee every issue, but our team of technicians can spring into action remotely or come to the site to resolve the issue.

more cost efficient

Having your own team of IT Technicians can easily spiral out of control. The average 1st Line Technician (Junior) salary in the UK is £25k. Our managed service offers fixed and transparent costs that are substantially cheaper than employing your own team.

There are also many other savings to be made and these include training, tools, travel, pension and many others.

Our service is scalable to your needs. We operate a simple per-user pricing structure for businesses giving you predictable budget forecasts and manageable costs. This model allows your business to expand at its own pace and isn’t constrained by IT capacity.

proactive approach

Our team will proactively undertake surveys and generate regular reports on your network and identify any areas of concern. By taking this proactive approach means that we can identify and remediate any potential issues before they manifest and cause an impact on the business.

Our RMM software gives detailed reports on user interaction with the help desk as well as network and device-level analytics that we continually monitor to help identify potential issues.

The collation of all of this data results in regular and easy to read reports outlining risks and recommendations for you and your board to discuss. We will work with you to form an action plan of how to mitigate the issues we find.

worry free

Take the stress away from managing your own IT team and let us help. We have a team of skilled technicians who are ready to help whatever the situation.

We offer a service that fits around your organisation’s needs and provides the level of service you require. This can range from just remote support through to regular onsite visits and even a permanent manned onsite presence.

There are lots of things that contribute to the smooth operation of IT within an organisation and having the right IT service partner is key. We will always be looking at ways to improve services whilst providing quality support whenever it is needed.

An IT Department You Can Rely On

TECHTRIO IT Support Seamlessly integrates into your business providing support as if we were your own internal department.

As part of our in-depth on boarding process, we get to know you and your business, so we really do become an extension of your in-house team.

Support packages

Core Support



/month per user

Premier Support



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